Benefits of Installing Accessible You’s Bathroom Designs

January 21, 2020

Did you know we not only serve homes in Nanaimo, but also facilities across Vancouver Island? Nursing homes and hospitals can be made into more comfortable places for seniors to reside in should they consider the option of upgrading the bathrooms within. Yet it seems there are still very few places that even consider such an option due to budget.

Budget is one thing, but if your facility or home has enough saved up, then it’s silly to not spend it on something that’s worthwhile. And if done correctly, the way we do, there are some real benefits to installing Accessible You’s bathroom designs into your home or nursing facility. Here they are.

Easy to clean

Normal showers demand greater effort when it’s time to clean them. There are more places for soapy residue to build up and also bring harm to others if not taken care of. The worst is that these stand-alone showers tends to have several corners and crevices that are hard to get to when cleaning thoroughly.

With a walk-in bathroom from Accessible You, cleaning has never been easier. Our walk-in showers have minimal crevices that are hard to get to, and there are fewer joints and seams to worry about. This means the likelihood of mildew and soap residue buildup is very minimal in comparison to regular showers. It also makes our showers incredibly easy to clean. For those seniors living independently, this benefit allows them to stay on top of cleaning themselves.

Handy Features are Included

Removing barriers for those seniors who want to live more independently is most important, so with all of our accessible bathroom designs we include several other features that make life a little easier. Expect to find grab bars, minimal curbs, and non-slip coating in all of our custom-made designs. Each feature is made with both your safety and health in mind.

No Doors

Doors in showers can be problematic. Not only do they contribute to the difficult cleanup, but also it can be difficult for some bathers to push to pull on a door to open and close properly. That’s why our accessible bathroom designs come complete with either glass or shower curtain options instead. In addition, we offer convertible doors on the bathtubs so you can turn your bathtub into a walk-in shower with ease. Every little way to remove barriers helps!


Walk-in bathrooms are built to last. They are durable and easy to clean, made with materials that will last for years and years. There aren’t as many parts to break, because compared to a regular shower there aren’t too many parts needed to properly assemble a walk-in shower or bathtub. So long as the bathroom is maintained regularly, your senior-friendly bathroom should last and be much more durable as the years pass compared to your current bathroom.

Less Clogging

One of the biggest problems that can affect your day is to discover the bathtub drain is clogged. Hair and soap eventually can create a clog and force a bathtub to take even longer than usual. The reason it takes a while for bath water to drain is because bath drains are built with crevices that keep water from flowing right down. You won’t have that problem with a walk-in shower, however. Water won’t stand and collect bacteria at all (standing water causes even more health problems), nor will clogging be an issue you have to worry about on a regular basis.

If you take care of seniors and people with disabilities, or you want to give someone a greater sense of independence as they age, it’s well worth your while to expand your bathroom and make it a great one for everyone involved. Give Accessible You a call if you would like to test out our senior-friendly and wheelchair accessible bathroom designs.