3 Benefits of Helping Your Loved Ones Feel More Independent

April 09, 2020

No matter how old you are or what your state in life is, being independent can give you a true sense of fulfillment and achievement. However, as we age, maintaining that same sense of independence gets increasingly difficult to do.

At one point you may have to help a loved one who come into a life of dependence suddenly, and they now must live with certain limitations for the rest of their life. It could be a diagnosis of dementia, or they are restricted to moving around in a wheelchair. No matter what age they may be or what they must live with now, people of all ages deserve to have that sense of independence. Here are three excellent reasons why it’s all worth helping your loved one achieve an independent lifestyle.

  1. It Helps Preserve Their Memory

Being independent at home doesn’t only help one’s body stay active and healthy; it helps the brain too. It’s a great idea to help your loved ones think and make decisions for themselves on a daily basis. Decisions can include healthy meal plans, fun activities, plans for outings, and so on. Even deciding what to wear can help retain one’s memory.

By making these choices, your loved ones are in turn preserving their sense of memory and even alleviating the symptoms of serious diseases such as early onset Alzheimer’s and dementia. Providing regular mental stimulation can also help to slow the progression of these diseases, especially dementia.

  1. It Prevents Depression

When a loved one loses their sense of independence, it leads to serious negative effects on their mental health. It is an isolating experience for someone to lose their sense of independence, which creates that downward spiral of hopelessness and depression, and these lower the quality of one’s life. Depression can even lead to serious physical health issues, such as a heart attack or a stroke.

By allowing and even encouraging your loved one to do things he or she can do without needing assistance, you are in turn helping them to be independent. This will boost their mood, regardless of the issues they are facing due to aging or their circumstances. The small acts of independence will allow people to take on the challenges of aging head on and perhaps even overcome them with a sense of accomplishment in mind.

Even if your loved one has mobility limitations, there are still ways to achieve that sense of independence. Involvement in volunteer activities can provide people with a sense of purpose and involvement in the community.

  1. It Increases Mobility and Strength

Being able to move around is something we tend to take for granted until it’s taken away. Ensuring that your loved ones have access to facilities not only makes them feel more independent, it can also restore their senses of strength, mobility, and balance.

There will be less pressure to accomplish certain tasks that require a lot more energy than they’re capable of. Repeated actions can also build up strength in the arms and legs, where the most mobility is required to perform even the most basic things such as standing up and walking around.

Start with the Bathroom

Going to the bathroom is one of our most basic needs, and if given the ability to use it themselves, you will see your loved ones’ sense of independence grow exponentially more. In order to see these benefits come to light, you may need to change your home’s bathroom or the home for people in need of independence needs to change this room. There are only pros to doing so, not cons!

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